To being your integration with iContact, you must first generate the Application ID.

Generate Application ID

1. Make sure you are logged into your iContact account

2. Please visit this URL to begin the process.

3. Put in your App Name and Description of your choice. You may put the following...

App Name: OL-YourNAME  

Description: Sync OL Leads

3. Hit Save.

4. At the bottom of the API page, you'll find...

API 2.0 Authentication  

Your application must use the following information when connecting to iContact's API:  


To authenticate to the API, you must enable this Appid for your account. 

5. Click on "enable" this Appid for your account.

6. You will be redirected to a page called "Allow an External Program to Access Your Account"

7. Under "Create a Password", put in a password you desire. Hit Save.

8. Leave this page open. Details are needed to by copied over to PS.

Integrating With OptinLabs

1. Go to "My Account > Autoresponders > Connect New Autoresponder" in your OL account.

2. Select iContact from the drop-down menu.

3. In the Login Email Field, put in your email address you use to login to iContact.

4. In the iContact App Password field, input the password you've used when you were generating your Application ID. (Same password as Step 7 from above.)

5. For the iContact App ID field, copy and paste the ID under the Application ID column from your iContact account right after you've saved on Step 4 above.