Now, once you have your split test created, it is necessary that copy the tracking code and paste on your website properly. Follow the instructions shown in the video carefully for accurate tracking.

Quick Summary to Paste the split test code on your website

Step 1: Copy the embed code from your Split Test campaign page.

You can also directly click on embed code as shown below.

Step 2: Open your control page (index.html) in a text editor, copy your split test embed code and paste it right before the closing </head> tag.

If it's a blog, then you need to go to "Appearance >> Editor >> index.php", paste the code in there and save the changes. If your page is hosted somewhere else, you should look for a place where you are allowed to paste third party code.

Note: index page may have different names, like main.php, index.php, and so on..

Step 3: Similarly, copy the thank you page tracking code, and paste it right before the closing </head> tag of thank you page. If you do not paste the code, we won't be able to show accurate tracking.

What's Next?

Drive traffic to your page and determine the best converting page. The results from each variation are compared to determine which version showed the greatest improvement.