Quizzes are one of the best new ways to drive optins and we've made it a really simple process to create your first quiz campaign.

Here is a quick video tutorial showing how to create a quiz page:

Quick Steps to Create a Quiz Page

Step 1: Click on "Quizzes" tab at the top of dashboard.

Step 2: Click on "Create New Quiz" and a pop-up to configure your quiz campaign appears. Fill it accordingly and remember that a name once saved, cannot be changed later.

Remember: Quiz name should be between 4 to 20 characters long and only alphabets and numbers allowed. No spaces allowed. For example, earninfewdays, instead of earn in few days.

Step 3: Set-up your campaign. There are a few things you need to know about the set-up page. Let's talk about them one by one. (Make sure you save the changes at each step)


This setting tab includes the major part of your Quiz, that is, the title and sub headline. It is necessary that you have an appealing "Title" and "Sub-Headline" as it will make a visitor decide if he would be interested in filling the quiz questions or move on.

In addition, it has a Social Sharing option which when turned ON, will enable the social icons (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) on your quiz page. You can upload an image to appear on social networks.

Custom Conversion Pixels: Conversion pixels are the pixels you want to fire once a person has completed the quiz; basically used while running FB ads or Adwords campaign. 


It is what a person leads to once he completes a quiz. We can set different outcomes for different questions, depending on a selection a user does. Click on "Add New Outcome" to create an outcome.

Now, you can add as many elements to your outcome, that is, an image, a video, format your text and even add links. As mentioned in the image, it is recommended that you some text and link to a product or offer related to your quiz.


You can add up to 5 options for each question. And, each option can have a different outcome. It is necessary that you have your outcomes created before you set-up questions for your quiz.

Optin Settings

Once a person finishes the quiz, he is been taken to an optin page where you ask them to enter their email address. This is where you build your email list.

As the image shows, you can choose to show an optin box and a skip option for the visitors to leave without giving their email address. Whatever the case is, they still reach your outcome page.

Now, there are 4 elements on this page:

1. Headline and sub-headline: You can bribe the visitors by offering them either a free giveaway or an offer that you feel would attract them. Put a few words.

2. Optin Button Text : It is the text that appears on the Call to Action button when they enter an email address.

3. Optin Disclaimer: It is necessary to assure them that the information they enter will be safe and you won't be spamming their inbox.

4. Select Autoresponder Account: Select your account and list name where the leads have to be stored.


We have a few pre-desinged templates for your quiz page at the moment, and will be adding more in coming days. 

Landing Page

Now, you can host your quiz page on our OptinLabs server without any additional cost. By default, your quiz name will be your landing page URL, that is, in our case, since "earninfewdays" is a quiz name, landing page URL will be http://qwizzes.com/earninfewdays

You can add Google analytics tracking code and a privacy page to your quiz.

Now, once you have your quiz completely set-up, you can either use the above "landing page hosted quiz page URL" to drive traffic, or copy the code below on any page where you want to display the quiz.

Pretty simple, isn't it? :-)