Creating a quiz page is pretty simple and has very little steps to follow. Before I explain them one by one, let's have a quick overview of how quizzes work?

Creating a Quiz Page

Step 1: Click on "Create New Quiz" and a pop-up to configure your quiz campaign appears. Fill it accordingly and remember that a name once saved, cannot be changed later.

Step 2: Set-up your campaign by entering a suitable "Title and Sub-headline" for your quiz page under the Configure settings tab. 

Enable the social sharing button if you want social icons from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to appear on your quiz page. You can upload an image of your choice for your social network sharing.

Step 3: Add outcomes to your quiz. Outcomes are the results a person is taken to once he completes a quiz depending on a particular selection (of questions). You can add one outcome for each question option. [To learn in detail about outcomes and other quiz elements, click here]. 

P.S. - System automatically chooses an outcome from most selected option from a visitor. You cannot track which user made what selection. 

Step 4: Add Questions to your quiz. Each question can have 5 options at the most. Make sure you have an outcome set-up properly, before selecting an outcome from the list.

You can also add an image (optional) to each question.

Step 5: Set-up your optin settings page. Once a person finishes the quiz, he is been taken to an optin page where you ask them to enter their email address. This is where you build your email list.

You can either TURN ON or OFF your optin box to appear before an outcome page. If it is turned OFF, a visitor will directly be taken to an outcome page.

Make sure you select an appropriate autoresponder account and list name for leads to be stored.

Step 6: Choose a design template. We have a few pre-built quiz page templates at the moment and will be adding more in coming days.

Make sure to preview your quiz page before you save changes.

Step 7: Now, you can host your quiz page on our OptinLabs server without any additional cost. By default, your quiz name will be your landing page URL (if your quiz name is "earninfewdays", then the landing page OptinLabs create is

Once you have your quiz completely set-up, you can either use the above "landing page hosted quiz page URL" to drive traffic, or copy the code below on any page where you want to display the quiz.

Pretty simple, isn't it? :-)