Before you start creating PushSubscribe campaigns, it is necessary that you configure your account settings. If you haven't yet done that, go here.

Here is a quick Video Tutorial on how to create your push notification campaign:

So, revising all the steps once again:

Step #1. Click on Push Subscribe tab on top of the page.

Step #2. Click on "Create New Campaign". A pop-up appears where you enter your unique campaign name. It then takes you to "Campaign Settings" page.

Remember: Campaign Name should be between 4 to 20 characters long and only alphabets and numbers allowed. No spaces allowed. For example, myhealthwebsite

Step #3. Configure your push notification settings, by entering your domain name, setting time delay, and filling up notification box information. You can change the icon image and badge image, in addition to positioning control on the page.

Step #4. If you wish to "enable" your "Capture Email Subscribers", click on "On" and select your desired autoresponder account.

Step #5. Update default settings under permission box, badge icon and subscription box positioning.

Permission box: You can make any change to the permission box, that is, you can edit the headline and sub-headline, change text of "Allow" button, and even change the icon on the box. Simply, click on the section you wish to change, and make the changes.

Change Badge: Badge is a little icon that appears on the webpage if a visitor clicks cross on the push subscription permission box. You can either choose badge from the existing icons or upload a one.

Badge position: By default, it is positioned on the bottom right corner of the page. However, you can make changes as you want.

Step #6. Once you make the changes, make sure you click on "Save Changes" to completely save your work.

Step #7. Embed the code on your website and set your "AutoPushes" and "PushLetters".

What's Next?

Learn how to set-up your push campaign on WordPress website/blog or at Shopify store.